Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Advice to a Young Man - Quinn, JOFMM Fall 2004

Dear Young Friend,
It gives me great pleasure to write you a word of encouragement
as you now venture out from your home and family and into
your exciting college years. It will be a great time of challenge as
you leave familiar surroundings in order to pursue further education.
I would like to mention some crucial elements to your spiritual
life, which when pursued with your whole heart, will be of
immense help to you. Indeed, nothing you pursue will ultimately
be of greater importance. It has to do with the subject of reading.
And it is a reading of different kinds, with each kind being tremendously
important for your growth in grace. I would like to give you
three of them.
First of all, you must read a portion of God’s Word each and every day.
Whether you are reading and studying for your classes at the Christian
college level, or a Bible study, or simply your own private reading,
you must look upon this element of your time with God as
utterly crucial, for it is the time in which God speaks directly to

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