Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Homosexuality in the Ministry - Street, JOFMM Fall 2004

The recent disgraceful revelations of pedophilic practices by
Roman Catholic priests have revealed a dirty secret plaguing the
Catholic church for centuries on every continent and in every
country. We are only just beginning to understand the magnitude
of the problem.1 The Roman Catholic church is especially susceptible
to this type of ecclesiastical malpractice because of the inflexible
requirement of priesthood celibacy. Not only will some
sexually repressed priests (similar to incarcerated men in a prison
environment) tend to find sexual fulfillment with one another, but
many pedophilic homosexuals will find the Roman priesthood an
attractive vocation in which to disguise their sexual perversions
with the veneer of religious respectability. However, it would be a
mistake to think that homosexuality and pedophilia among the
clergy is a problem unique to the Catholic church. Evangelical,
Bible-teaching churches are becoming more aware of this problem
among their pastors.
One pastor from a conservative evangelical church finally came
out of the custodial closet about his homosexuality in an “Open
Letter to Family and Friends.”..

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