Monday, June 7, 2010

Loving God and Loving Neighbor - Priolo, JOFMM Fall 2005

When you analyze it, people have problems with people.
Your counselees don’t come in saying:
“My car and I aren’t getting along.”
“My telephone is not speaking to me.”
“My teenage refrigerator is rebelling.”
“I just can’t seem to control my violent bicycle.”
Rather, they come in with problems like:
“I can’t get along with my boss.”
“I’m having a hard time forgiving my husband.”
“I don’t love my wife anymore.”
“I lose my temper with the kids.”
“I can’t seem to say no to certain temptations.”
“I’m depressed and worry all the time.”
“I feel guilty, lonely, fearful, and despondent.”
People are people’s problems! Persons have problems with persons.
They have problems with themselves.
They have problems with others.
They have problems with God! (He is a Person, too!)...

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