Monday, June 7, 2010

When Sexual Lust Takes Hold - Part 2 “When Do Thoughts about Sex Become Sinful?” - Street, JOFMM Fall 2005

Purifying the lust filled mind and heart must include good interpretive
principles and skills. The use of proper heart hermeneutics
is the fMRI1 of the pastor. They are the biblical guidelines used in
identifying and interpreting the Christian’s inner man as it interacts
with the various adverse situations of life. In this sense, they define
the parameters that help pastors make evaluations and conclusions
about the person who has come to them for help. What is he or
she thinking? How do they rationalize their worldview?2 What are
their true motivations? What do they love and hate the most?
Whom or what do they worship? Just as all Christians must rely on
good interpretive principles in understanding the Bible, sound
hermeneutics of the heart must underlie a pastor’s understanding
of the thoughts and motivations of the person to whom he is ministering...

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