Monday, June 7, 2010

Directions for Using the Mini-PDI - Adams, JOFMM Fall 2005

There are times when you will be able to counsel a person only
once. Perhaps he will be leaving town for good, or an emergency
has arisen and he needs quick counsel. On such occasions, you will
have to do one-session counseling. This is anything but ideal, but
we don’t live in a world where we often encounter the ideal! So,
here is a slimmed down Personal Data Inventory for just such use
(See The Christian Counselor’s Manual for information about the full
The goal is not to use the Mini-PDI as a substitute for the PDI.
To do so would be foolish because the purpose of the PDI is to
gather as much data as possible before beginning counseling. The
Mini-PDI serves the purpose of gathering only those absolutely
essential data that will be used in the single encounter. In most situations,
it is insufficient for data gathering and will actually hinder
the process of in depth data gathering. So, don’t think that you can
cut corners by using it in those circumstances for which it was not

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