Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Word About Telling Stories - Adams, JOFMM Fall 2004

I don’t know about you but it seems that many preachers have
never thought carefully about the all-important matter of storytelling.
All preachers have been taught that they should use stories
(often called “illustrations”) in their sermons, probably every one
has done so, yet many find it difficult to compose and deliver them
effectively. In this article, I want to emphasize the importance of
delivery in storytelling.
While there are many books that explain where to get ideas for
stories and how to put them together so as to be most effective,
few talk about how to deliver them. Delivery is the use of voice
and body – two essential elements in storytelling. If it is important
to study delivery with reference to preaching in general, it is especially
important to consider the delivery of stories. This is so
because in telling stories one must go beyond stating facts; he must
help the listener to enter into his story just as if he were experiencing
it himself. He must be able to make the story “live.” If he
doesn’t an otherwise very good story may fall flat...

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