Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Learning from King David's "Midlife Crisis" - Newheiser, JOFMM Fall 2004

Charles is a highly respected pastor.2 The church he planted
many years ago has survived some hard times and is now flourishing.
He is well respected in his denominational circles. He is a popular
conference speaker, and he has published several articles and
two books. His family seems exemplary. He has been happily married
for twenty-five years, and he and his wife have successfully
raised their four children, the last of whom starts college next year.
His church was shocked last week when they heard that Charles
had been caught in adultery and had been removed from office.
How could such a thing happen to a man who seemed to have it all
together, who had successfully passed through the temptations of
his younger years, who seemed to have everything a minister could
want? Does this mean that his entire ministry had been a lie? Are
the books, articles, and tapes he produced worthless? Or, did
something happen to take a man who had been qualified and used
of God and ruin him? How will you counsel him?...

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