Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You Can't Handle the Truth: The Sinful Tolerance of PostModernism - Johnson, JOFMM Fall 2004

I’m convinced that postmodernism is inherently incompatible
with biblical Christianity. In fact, the most essential elements of the
postmodernist perspective are hostile to the fundamental truthclaims
of Scripture, and for that reason, I would argue that a postmodernist
mind-set involves some positively sinful ways of thinking.
Now, I realize there are many people who think the church
needs to adapt to postmodernism, and embrace postmodernism,
in order to reach a postmodern society. But the error in that
approach is no different from the error of people a hundred years
ago who tried to devise a modernist brand of Christianity in order
to reach a modern world. The heart of biblical and Christian truth is
destroyed in the process.
You understand, I think, that modernism was inherently anti-
Christian. It represented a wholesale rejection of some vital biblical
truths. And therefore it proved to be impossible to blend modernism
with Christianity. Most of us can see that clearly enough
these days, and that’s why the movements most of us belong to
today remained evangelical...

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