Monday, June 7, 2010

The Biblical Key to the Doctrine of Eternal Security - Pixley, JOFMM Fall 2005

After preaching a sermon on the doctrine of eternal security, I
was standing at the front of the church when a woman approached
me. “I’ve never heard that teaching before,” she stated warmly.
“I’ve never before heard that a Christian cannot lose his salvation.”
She explained that she had been brought up in a denomination
which I knew to be steeped in Arminian theology. Consequently,
she had been taught that since a Christian can indeed lose his salvation,
it is therefore both conditional and inherently insecure. She
believed such teaching to be true mainly because it was all she had
ever heard. The fear of losing her salvation gripped her life until
she was liberated by hearing the contrary biblical evidence from
my sermon.
Providentially, my conversation with this dear woman occurred
in the early days of my ministry. I was grieved to think of her years
of spiritual angst. Like her, far too many in the Church today suffer
needlessly for lack of sound biblical preaching. The Lord taught
me a profound lesson that day – doctrinal preaching is critical to the welfare
of the body of Christ...

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